Ganesh Bahadur Chauhan

MD / Ex-Army Hony Subedar(APTC)

At the age of 18 years old, 1987 AD, I Joined the Indian Gorkha Army - 11 Gorkha Rifles. During 1987/88, I also joined the recruitment training in Lucknow Training Centre. After this I was posted as an SEP for 6/11 Gorkha Rifles in Bakloh. I was trained as an Assistant Instructor of Basic course in AIBC in 1991 A.D. By 1992, I was attending Agni Yoga Therapy in Lucknow. By 1993 AD, I gained the (physical training) course - Advance Reference Course ( ARC ) After all the years of succeessful diploma, my physical training was completed in 1997, thus I was selected as APTC Hawaldar Instructor directly. During this tenure I was workimg as a Physical Instructer and game sport trainer in various training centre, Army schools, Sainik schools, Military School, Belgam Commando, Black cat Commando (NSG), OTA (Officer Training Academy), IMA(Indian Military Academy), NDA(National Defence Academy) etc.

In 1998, I was posted as a physical instructor at the Black Cat Commando (NSG), Gudgaon. I was trained with basic Karate Course there. The director of NSG sent me to Chennai to train more in Karate. After a hard training of a year, I gained a Black Belt (1st Degree) status there to rejoin the Black Cat Commando in 1999. By 2009, I was promoted as Naib Subedaar in Army Sports Institute (Institute where All India Army's national, international and olympiate players train), Pune and worked as a Senior JCO there. After three years, I completed my service and returned Nepal as a pensioner. I achieved the honorary Subedaar award from the APTC record office after a year of my service completion for my hardwork, honesty, dedication and service to the Indian Gorkha Army

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